WEN 61741 4-in-1 18-Gauge Pneumatic Flooring Nailer and Stapler Review

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We had our experts take a look at the WEN 61741 4-in-1 18-Gauge Pneumatic Flooring Nailer and Stapler to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

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Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $

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  • The case is a nice feature
  • Includes four 18 gauge nails, so it can be used right away
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Lightweight


  • Not very accurate
  • Does not have an air filter, so it gets clogged quickly

The WEN pneumatic flooring nailer is as versatile as any nailer out on the market. It is lightweight, battery powered, and has no air compressor to purchase. That, along with a wide range of interchangeable fasteners and an overall length range of 5/8in to 2in, makes it an incredible tool to have in your box.

The power behind this machine is the 18 gauge nail that it shoots. This nail will exceed most commercial requirements and provide a wide variety of patterns and thickness.

The pattern that comes with the nailer is perfect for almost anything, but the nailer can be changed to shoot a different one. This makes this machine very much like buying a computer with just the right specs, but then you buy more memory and add a bigger hard drive. The other nails on the WEN 61741 range from 1/4 inch crown staples to a strip of 3/8 inch staples.

This nailer is aerodynamic, but a detachable nose piece is included to improve air flow and decrease your gas consumption. This is great for most jobs, but what if you need something that is stiffer or softer? The nose piece can be replaced with other accessories that will allow the nailer to provide the perfect finish for your project.

The last feature is the total height adjustment of the nailer. Not only can the nailer be adjusted to shoot any thickness of staples, but it can be adjusted as well to reach to the lower and higher planes in your flooring. Its ability to be set to the highest and lowest positions is 5 ½ and 15 ¼ inches, respectively. To reach these positions you simply feel with the side wall for the highest and lowest position.

This is a powerful tool and it comes with everything you need. In addition to the nailer, you will get two battery packs, 18 gauge nails, a 3/8 inch staple plate, an oil bottle, an assembly manual, a warranty card, and a case. The cases are made by WEN and cost just a little more than the average box. This case will protect your nailer, give you places to store your accessories, give you a place to store battery packs, and even has a little bit of electronics to keep you up to date with information.

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