EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler.

Does the good reputation hold up or not? Let’s find out!

Our rating: 9 / 10

Cost: $$$

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  • Jam-free stapler is designed for faster stapling of up to 25 sheets of paper up to 9/32 inches thick
  • Stapler is electric, so no need to worry about a fresh supply of staples and allows users to staple faster with automated feeding
  • Streamlined design features an office-friendly handle and an easy-to-operate trigger button that helps prevent user from jamming staples
  • Durable metal barrel holds a refillable cartridge of staples
  • Compatible with all standard staples
  • Includes 12-pack of staples for immediate use
  • Lifetime warranty

The first thing to keep in mind about the product itself is that it is a manual stapler that is powered by batteries. Once this is understood then one can get a better idea of what the product is capable of. It is one of the coolest little staplers we have ever used in our many years here. It's easy to open and use and this makes it easy for us to highlight some of the most unique features of the product.
We would be remiss if we didn't start by pointing out that this product sells itself on being easy to use. This is because the stapler is designed to be easily opened and closed which one would ordinarily not expect with an electric stapler. It also utilizes a spring mechanism to do the actual stapling of the sheets of paper together. This allows the product to be used with both hands which makes the use of the product so much easier.
In addition, if you are looking for the fastest stapling product then this product cannot be beaten. Up to 25 sheets of paper can be stapled together without any real effort. This is because the manual stapler is powered by batteries and it is capable of stapling sheets of paper together at a rate of 15 pages per minute. This is truly a super fast stapler.
Even if you think you are probably not going to use the this product very often, when you do, we certainly recommend taking out a few minutes to try this product out. You'll be glad that you did.

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