Stanley TR45K Light Duty Staple Gun Kit Review

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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the Stanley TR45K Light Duty Staple Gun Kit.

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Our rating: 6 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Tension lever allows for easy adjustments
  • Self-cleaning mechanism makes it easy to clear misfires


  • It needs a lot of practice to get the staple strip just so
  • The sizing might not be ideal for every situation

Stanley Super Cobra Compact is a staple gun with limited features and minimal expense. It is durable and easy to use. While its features may be limited, it is a simple tool that does the best job for users of any age, especially kids.

The body of the gun is lightweight and it has a comfortable, ergonomic grip that is easy to hold. The only notable downside to the gun is its lack of nose protection and its plating is only made to last for a limited time.

The stapling mechanism is a quick-jam-clear mechanism and it allows the user to reload with ease. The black and yellow handle is easy to spot, which is beneficial for users who sometimes have to keep track of their tools in their work space.

This is a staple gun best used for everyday stapling needs at home and while on the move. While it is simple and durable, it is not adequate for high-volume staple use.

Because this tool is intended for light-duty stapling it is best for short-term use. As such, it is better suited for indoor use than any other tool. While it is intended to be used with light duty staples, some users have complained that the gun sometimes jams using a heavy duty staple.

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