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Here’s our review of the Light It! By Fulcrum.

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Our rating: 6 / 10


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The Light It! by Fulcrum is a simple light that attaches to the back of your book for a weightless reading experience, but what makes this a great book light is it's multiple purposes with its large floodlight.

Light It! by Fulcrum is your go-to for any task you might encounter in the dark. it may even be your go-to for reading in sunlight because of its sturdy lighting. This gives you long-lasting and worry-free use that is not going to be a burden on you to carry around.

If you've ever wanted to read in the late hours of the day but being in the dark frustrated you, Light It! By Fulcrum can be just right for you to read in the sun with a simple, lightweight and durable solution. Users love how it clamps on for hands-free use to prevent damage to your hands as well as your book. there are also specific LED lights that are designed to illuminate your books.

Compared to traditional book lights, Light It! By Fulcrum is a cordless solution to your reading needs with a soft grip to not damage your book with a heavy and bright flexible lighting.

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