DONNGYZ Electric Stapler Review

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Today we'll be reviewing the DONNGYZ Electric Stapler.

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Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • No jamming
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Lightweight and small, fits in drawer or on shelf
  • No cramped fingers


  • The staples need to be exactly the right length or they curve under
  • The regular staples don’t come out

This manual electric stapler has an auto-saddle stapler and another one for flat stapling. It has adjustable binding thickness and pressure and can be put up to 210 nails. It also has a high efficiency to save your time since it takes 1 minute to stapling with 2 of this manual staplings set. The stapling is like connecting the stapling dots together with staples, just like you would do with every stapling on your manual stapler.
It has high quality and durability because of its durable and stapling structure, its stapling heads will not become loose easily.

However, although the product is sturdy it does not come with all the required stapler parts in the box and this may prove a headache for the customer.

This manual stapling machine by Dongyuz is a very good stapling machine for home use. It's a manual with bindings which is supposed to make stapling look like a treasure to someone who is starting to stapling. The company has some nice customer service reps online, although a bit pricey and not as good as wordpress site representatives.

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